Obligations. :(


       I’m sorry for all the cop-out posts. As much as I enjoy them, I hate that they’re all I seem to have time for. This past week I’ve literally had home work that takes me from when I get home to ten at night every day. I promise, as soon as I have a really good day (including a pleasant lack of homework) and/or get really itchy to write, I’ll make a real post.

       Thanks for your patience. I really wish I had more time. There was one day last week that was, actually, pretty awesome. I wrote little notes in my notebook so I would remember little things to add to my planned in-depth, painfully detailed recollection of the day on here, but I had home work and I’m not going to blog about Monday or Tuesday now. It wouldn’t be as well done or as sincere.

       So, please, bear with me. In the mean time, I’m really trying to make sure you guys enjoy my short-and-sweet posts just as much!   



One thought on “Obligations. :(

  1. Danike says:

    I, for one, enjoy all of your posts. Even if they are cop-outs. Oh, and Shoe says that he wants his CD back.

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