Me: “I wish the candidates wouldn’t bash the other person. If there was a candidate that promoted himself without putting down the other one, that would definitely catch my eye and effect my vote.”

Adam: “Unfortunately, not everyone is as mature as you are.”

Me: “Apparently, not even the presidential candidates….”



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2 thoughts on “Irksome.

  1. Marv says:

    Here’s a debate topic that was never covered, but I think has some interesting items:

  2. whythulc says:

    It’s disturbing, isn’t it?

    Last night on the debate the candidates spent at least twenty minutes about how the other person hurt their feelings and didn’t apologize to them.

    And I think they definitely should promote positively. Although, I think there is some place for negative ads. But they shouldn’t be brutal, should not sling mud, and should merely be pointing out how they are different from the other guy.

    But MINIMALLY. And with great cause. Not just “oh hey joe-six-pack voted for such and such” every ad.

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