The best days I’ve had in a long while.

I have had the best last few days.

Thursday night was my choir concert. We were called to show up way earlier than we needed to be there (four-o-clock call and the concert was at seven-thirty), but I was able to get to know the people in my show choir a lot better. Justin said I look like Doris Day, so that’s what he calls me now. =]

The all-girl show choir went before the senior show choir, the one that I’m in.   My group was hanging backstage manically dancing to the other group’s music.  Oh, it was so much fun! Even though I’m in show choir, I’m not one to just… dance.  But back stage, everyone just let loose and I think I might have actually been doing it right.

I will admit, I made more mistakes this concert than usual, but it was still fun.

I had some great people come see me, so that was pretty much amazing. A lot of alumni choir friends came to the concert, too, and that was really great to see them.

Friday night, I had dinner with my family and my sister’s boyfriend. That was pretty cool because I was able to geektalk with my nerdy dad and sister. 

After that was my show choir’s Christmas party.  My hair was great and I had a great outfit.   ;]  Near the end of things, we went caroling.   When we approached a house and rang the doorbell, everyone had a great idea to  start singing before they open the door.  So we just stood there, singing to a closed door. After caroling to three doors, the last house we tried actually had someone open their door for us. This nice old man came outside and he even asked for a second song! He told us to wait one minute and disappeared up the stairs.  I was half sure he was going to call the police or something on us teenagers running around the neighborhood after nine at night…. But he came back down and gave us each a dollar!  When we got back to the house where the party and our choir director were at, we rang the doorbell and caroled to her.  When “Carol of the Bells” was done, we poured the dollar coins into her hands for the choir fund!

Yesterday was the best yet. I finished my history project without much pain – I actually kind of enjoyed it. Then my friend Izzy and I went to see Twilight again, so we can mock it. When it came to the scenes that we always quote at school, we could hardly contain ourselves. 

That night, one of my best friends came over to watch The Dark Knight. (Great movie.)  He ended up coming in time to eat dinner with us, too. It ended up being a really relaxing night and definitely the best time I’ve had with him yet.

This morning, I went back to the church he goes to and I went to his college group.  The speaker was really amazing and I really got a lot out of it.


I hope my good days continue. At least through the Christmas/New Year season.  They better, they owe me for last year.



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One thought on “The best days I’ve had in a long while.

  1. Danike says:

    Awww… I am so happy for you, Haley! Make this week this great, too! (And let me know when you want to hang out. Maybe you, Kaitlin, and I can go photographing and ice creaming?)

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