A very interesting start to what’s bound to be a very interesting new term.

So my first term started last Friday.   First off, let me explain the situation: Exams for third term wre Wednesday and Thursday, we had the first day of the new term Friday, and now we have Spring Break until Monday.  So naturally, half the school skipped on Friday.

I, unfortunately, was not one of those people.

My first hour, choir, didn’t change. Except we got a new song.  And it’s totally strange.  To start, it’s named “Las Amarillas.”  The Yellows? Here are the lyrics.  The song’s originally in Spanish, but this is a translation:

The yellow larks fly from their cactuses
No longer will the cardinals sing happily
and na-na-no

The trees on the hillside, since they haven’t revived
For this the larks sing, or the nest hold them down
and na-na-no

You are little and beautiful, and the way you are, I love you
You look like a little rose from the shores of Guerrero
with your na-na-na
and na-na-no

My father was a sparrowhawk and I was born to peck and peck
Where I place my beak, I’m like a trumpeter
and na-na-no

Everyone has their farewells, but none
is like this one. 

Four times five is twenty,
three times seven is twenty-one.

Yeah, you read that right.  Multiplication!  The last verse is multiplication tables!!  Oh, I don’t understand, either.  And you know how directors sometimes have notes along with the song to tell you how each bit is meant to be sung? This song has quite a few. And they’re all innuendos. They’re all things like “a little gentler now, but keep stoking the fire.”    Me and my friend, Hayley Joy, got a huge laugh out of that.

Second hour is Government.  Nothing too exciting there. Only eight or nine people were actually in it.  But there is good news; thanks to roll call, I found out that there are quite a few people I know (and like) in it that hadn’t shown up that day.

Third hour is still Algebra 3. sigh.  Only good thing about that class was we got an extra credit assignment, which I need.

Then came fourth hour.  I’ll miss my AP English class. That switched to Phys Ed.   Yeah. PE. I’ve ben dreading this class.  It’s a freshman class, but I’ve managed to put it off until this year. Anyway, I was heading down the hall towards it when I saw my ex-boyfriend (don’t worry, we’re still good friends. Only occasional awkward moments. However, I assume they’re bound to become more frequent now..).   I gave him a hug and asked what he had next. I flipped out when he said PE. 

He held out his hand to show me his class schedule, which had written on his palm (he has vocational classes in the morning for hours one and two, so he only had two classrooms written). I, in turn, pulled my sleeve up to show him mine (I only had to classrooms change, so that’s all I wrote).

Both apendages read 267, N. Gym.     
   “Wait a minute, are you in my Gov class, too??”
   “What hour do you have it?”
I have it second, he has it third.  But still. Yet another person I can copy homework from call if I get stuck on homework.

At my school, the grading system starts everyone off at a 100% at the beginning of the term. My PE teacher believes in actually earning you grade up to an A rather than keeping it at one. So we start off with 0%.    So, with a perfect grade, I’ll still be at a 50% – failing – come the midpoint of the term! Not until the last week will it really be up to a A!       Gaaahhhhhh.

So yeah. Interesting new term.  One great thing about it is that I bought a new bathing suit for Gymn from Modcloth. It’s adorable!  See how it says, “sold out”?  Yeah, I got one of the last three!  =]     OMGANDGUESSWHATELSEIGOT.  The Sidecar Tour Dress I featured on here last month! I’m superexcited.

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One thought on “A very interesting start to what’s bound to be a very interesting new term.

  1. Alex says:

    I could not figure out why everyone was talking about multiplication in one of the songs. Since I wasn’t in the room at the time.
    Leave it to Fristad to pick a song with multiplication in it.

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