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Kevin Trageser


Kevin Trageser takes a picture of his girl, Nadine every day. So cute!

Bucket list item #46:  Date a fellow photographer.   

link:     Kevin Trageser

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Hobo names you might like to consider for your future children.

Straight from The Best American Nonrequired Reading, 2006, are 700 names of real hobos from all across america. I shall share my favorites with you:

16. Sistery Brothery Nabob
22. Floyd Dangle
25. Normal-faced Olaf
39. Balloonpopper Chillingsworth
43. Foreign Thomas, the Strangetalker
54. Gila Monster, Jr.
56. “X” the Anonymous Man or Woman
58. Reynaldo Reynaldoson, Who Will One Day Kill His Father
63. Lil’ Jonny Songbird, the Song-bird Eater
68. Beef-or-chicken Bob Nubbins
71. Canadian Football Pete
72. Meep Meep, the Italian Tailor
74. Maria the Pumpkin-Patch Crooner
78. Prostate Davy
83. The Unanswered Question of Timothy
85. Guesstimate Jones
88. Sir Roundbelly DeDelight
89. Newton Fig
96. Von Skump
99. Freak Le Freak, the Freakster
104. Persuasive Frederick
105. Celestial Stubbs
126. Drink drunk Thom, the Drunk
153. Slo-Mo Deuteronomy
166. Dora the Explorer
187. Gyppo Moot, the Enigma Machine
191. Lonely Heiny Alan Meister
211. Fatman and the Creature (note: there was no creature)
224. Manny Stillwaggon, the Man with the Handlebar Eyebrows
258. Albuterol Inhaler Preston McWeak
317. Sssssssssssssssss, The Hisser
322. Gluttonous-Slim
396. Not-Only-But-Also Pete
485. Both Dakotas Dave
487. Transistorized Maximillian, the Hobo Cyborg
489. Pantless, Sockless, Shoeless, Buster Bareass
495. The Goose
496. Not the Goose
510. Bum-Hating Virgil Hate-Bum
513: Most Agree: It’s Kilpatrick
562. Paste-Smeller Luke
605. Amen to Polly Fud
632.  His Excellency Nooney Sockjelly
663. Uranus John, the Star-Traveler
678. Sanitized-for-Your-Protection Eddie Summers
700. Trainwhistle Ernie Roosevelt, the President’s Long-Lost Brother.

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These are actual words but they sound like something I’d make up…

Spendy  – adj.  Expensive, costly

Cluefuladj.  Knowledgeable and well-informed.

Greige adj.    A color between grey and beige.

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being

You definitely need to read this book. It’s brilliant.  Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“Indeed, the ony truly serious questions are the ones that even a child can formulate. Only the most naive of questions are truly serious. They are the questions qith no answers. A question with no answer is a barrier that cannot be breached. In other words, it is questions with no answers that set the limits of human possibilities, describe the boundaries of human existence.”

“She thought about that [tomb] stone all day. Why had it horrified her so?
She answered herself: When graves are covered with stones, the dead can no longer get out.
But the dead can’t get out anyway! What difference does it make whether they’re covered with soil or stones?
The difference is that if a grave is covered with a stone it means we don’t want the deceased to come back. The heavy stone tells the deceased, ‘Stay where you are.'”

“‘Why don’t you ever use your strength on me?’ she said.
‘Because love means renouncing strength.'”

“One day, he paid a visit to his wife. He told her he would like to remarry.
Marie-Claude shook her head.
‘But a divorece won’t make any difference to you! You wouldn’t lose a tihng! I’ll give you all the property!’
‘I don’t care about property,’ she said.
‘Then what do you care about?’
‘Love,’ she said with a smile. ‘Love is a battle,’ said Marie-Claude, still smiling. ‘And I plan to go on fighting. To the end.’
‘Love is a battle?’ said Franz. ‘Well, I don’t feel at all like fighting.’   And he left.”

“Because everything (day-to-day existence, peers’ opinions, promotions at work, vacations) depends on the outcome of the assessment process, everyone (whether he wants to play soccer for the national team, have an exhibition, or spend his holidays at the seaside) must behave in such a way as to deserve a favorable assessment.”

“But if we betray B, for whom we betrayed A, it does not necessarily follow that we have placated A.”

“But, he said to himself, whether they knew or didn’t know is not the issue; the main issue is whether a man is innocent because he didn’t know. Is a fool on the throne relieved of all responsibility merely because he is a fool?”