Ignorance and Obnoxiosity.

I hate my Brit Lit class.

Not because of my teacher – I actually really like him.

Not because of the assignments – I’ll admit, there’s a lot of homework, but it’s managable.

Because of the other students.

They all take everything personally- differentiating interpretations of poetry, when you use a word they don’t know, when you answer a question when they knew the answer, too, but the teacher picked your hand first. It’s terrible.

And here’s the thing. I’m normally in AP English. But this year, there was a scheduling conflict with AP Englsih 12 and Advanced Music Concepts. My major is music, not English, so I took the music course (And thanks to Music Concepts, my first theory class in college will be mostly review).

But being in Brit Lit sucks.  I have a couple people who are also in choir around me in that class, so I tried venting to a friend I which thought would understand my frustration. Here’s how that conversation went:

           “Oh, my word. Everyone in this class takes everything personally! Everything. It’s so frustrating, you know?”
          “….Oh, gee thanks.

….Followed promptly by pouting and acting insulted. He took it personally! Irony — At one of its most irritating scenarios.

And I was all, “…Really, Nathan??” And he started to emo-ly mumble his argument about why his feelings are hurt and he’s insulted and his ego can’t handle my not-geared-towards-people-I-like irritation.

I glazed over, gave up, and put my head on the desk for the rest of class.

Overly-sensitive, ignorant people with low self esteems amd false senses of superiority who make mountains out of mole hills. That is what my Brit Lit class seems to be full of.

If you’re still reading this, I’m impressed.

Also, it’s our last week before Christmas Break. So all the teachers are assigning packets of homework and projects to do on our break and trying to get tests in before we’re ready for them before break. So the students are antsy and angsty and moody and lathargic and hormonal and hard to deal with and all any of anyone wants is more time, less stress, and for break to come ASAAAPPPP.


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