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You Are

If you’re right, I’ll find
Every piece will fit together,
Just the way that you remember
And I’ll try
To see it from another angle,
Find the picture on the table

And you are the weight on your shoulders,
The gravity always pulling you down,
You are talking in circles,
The sound of your own voice wearing you out.


“I don’t want to hear that it won’t work out. I will find out for myself. Love is love, stupid or otherwise.”

via Lauren


Pouring Rain

We could sit by and watch history repeat itself ,
or feed off the fruits of the labor of someone else,
and time’s a reminder that there are  things you just can’t avoid;
It tells me I’m older than I was the day before.

A man breaks his back holding signs to change how we live
as I sit inside and look out, as I’ve got nothing to give.

We could wait on the inside and fight for a sunny day,
or get our heels wet as we run the the pouring rain.

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Parking Lots

The televised laughter glowing in the corner balances the intensity of the evening.
Overlooked confessions
Raw lips
Finger tips
and action movies
starring Robert Downey Jr.

Up In The Air

We were out past the time when even the stop lights go to sleep and blink an absent yellow.
The effect of the film still reverberated in our minds
and a song with lyrics that perfectly apply to our life at the moment, that might as well have been
written for us,
snuck onto the airwaves.
But we don’t notice until the love song followed it.
The cruise control was saving us from my lead foot.

And the only thing you mentioned was how we managed to hit more potholes than we dodged.


I’m not ignoring you.
Just your text message.
Your existence is far too poignant for my conscience to resist.
I can’t resist remembering you don’t read my blog
or like my hair
but you love it when we’re cudding and my
eyelashes tickle your neck when I blink.

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