Monthly Archives: July 2010

Direct Hit

You sank my battleship.
And my heart along with it.
It’s helplessly anchored to yours,
pulled, tugged, tethered.
I’m out of ammunition,
my defenses are gone.
Submerged in your arms,
in your care,
your peace.
wash over me;
I want you..
Full force.
Direct hit.


Show me your scars from the
into them.
And if you would join me, we couldwould stroll along the
that lie beneath, as secret passages.

Like pheonix tears,
our words kisses love
where we’re sore,
where the skin’s rubbed raw
from wringing our hands
(sometimes with our hearts in them)

And as the world begins to mist, you’ll say that kissing in the rain has always
   intrigued you
and I’ll agree there’s an appeal,
but I’ll confess that I prefer how
 close you have to hold me
to share an umbrella.