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Wednesday Things

Wednesday Things.


All We Can Hear

Sleep can wait tonight,
(as can the nervous hypotheticals)
In this moment,
in this hereandnow
our minds
towards  our hearts
the whatifs
and the pleasedon’ts lose poignancy
and all we can hear is the love
in our words.

Direct Hit

You sank my battleship.
And my heart along with it.
It’s helplessly anchored to yours,
pulled, tugged, tethered.
I’m out of ammunition,
my defenses are gone.
Submerged in your arms,
in your care,
your peace.
wash over me;
I want you..
Full force.
Direct hit.

Happy Father’s Day

Dad: “Do you still want to learn how to throw a football?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Dad: “Let’s make sure to do that this summer before you leave. You can impress the boys at Grove City.”

Me: “You want me to impress boys?”

Dad: “Not necessarily, but I thought you would like that angle.”

Stuck in my head

I wish I could do better by you,
Cause its what you deserve.
You sacrifice so much of your life,
In order for this to work.

While I’m off chasing my own dreams,
Sailing around the world,
Please know that I’m yours to keep,
My beautiful girl.

When you cry a piece of my heart dies,
Knowing that I may have been the cause,
If you were to leave, fulfil someone else’s dreams,
I think I might totally be lost.

You don’t ask for no diamond rings,
No delicate string of pearls,
That’s why I wrote this song to sing,
My beautiful girl.

this girl – city and colour

If Life Were a Choose-Your-Own Adventure:

We’d all give a lot less weight to today and now.
The second we notice the prick
      of regret seep into our veins we would turn
      the hands back
      the pages back
      the words back
and try again.
We all know that no one actually finishes the whole story according to the
      map drawn with their initial choices anyway
      or live with the mistakes anyway.
We’d all eat a lot more
We’d all spend a lot more
We’d all say “yes” a lot more
We’d all kiss a lot more
We’d all a lot more a lot more

As is, life’s just a daily gamble
      doors one two three
      red, blue wires

which to enter? which to cut?

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wash over me
i fear not
the erosion
let the
future scientists
take their
soul samples
to figure out
what happened
was there
and when you
go away
let me
the residue
left behind
is a choice
a souvenir
the moment
i want you
full force
direct hit
i can handle
the capricious
gusts of wind
causing the battering
of sometimes
and then
you’re a story
late night
near closing
dueling tales
of near-misses
that become
more near
and barely
through time
preternatural disasters
left fading
wrinkled scars
it was rough
i tell ya
and they marvel
loudly through
quiet nods
and i
out the window

via peter dewolfe

You Are

If you’re right, I’ll find
Every piece will fit together,
Just the way that you remember
And I’ll try
To see it from another angle,
Find the picture on the table

And you are the weight on your shoulders,
The gravity always pulling you down,
You are talking in circles,
The sound of your own voice wearing you out.

Parking Lots

The televised laughter glowing in the corner balances the intensity of the evening.
Overlooked confessions
Raw lips
Finger tips
and action movies
starring Robert Downey Jr.

My date checklist

So I added a couple, but this brilliant list is reposted from Ginger!


Wake up at 4am & watch the sunrise together
Maybe not first date material, but perhaps third or fourth. What could be better than sitting close on a rooftop somewhere, talking & laughing & watching the sun come up? Take a flask of hot coffee for extra points.

Have an extravagant brunch at 8am
Get dressed up & do breakfast properly. Fabulous pancakes, decadent waffles, poached eggs & the best hollandaise. Boutique hotels often do a brilliant brunch, but a bit of surreptitious googling should set you on the right track. Thick white linen napkins first thing in the morning are a magnificent way to start the day — & then you can either go your separate ways, or take a walk.

Go to an art gallery on a Saturday afternoon
You’ll learn a lot about the person you’re standing next to if you go & check out art together. Plus it gives you something so much more stimulating to talk about than the last episode of Lost. (Sorry, Lost fans…)

Bring half an evening
Like a movie (or movie tickets), some food or a drink. You get the opportunity to impress your crush with your superior taste while also finding out more about them. You don’t have to meet at someone’s house, either — a park bench, good picnic spot or even town square could work too.

The double-Netflix date
For those of you not in America, Netflix is an on-demand DVD rental service that the entire country seems to have a subscription to. Sorry to be so geographically-specific, but “double-Netflix” rolls off the tongue a little better than, “Let’s just each bring a movie & subject one another to our extremely questionable taste”!

The Case Of The Mystery Band
Grab a copy of your local newspaper or magazine, close your eyes, run your finger over the “live music” section & choose a band neither of you have ever heard of to go & see. It could be amazing; it could be completely hellish — you won’t know until you go! But even if it’s shocking, it’s definitely a bonding experience, & maybe even something to tell the children, eh?

Make a fort
Enough said.

Bring your favourite book & read the first chapter aloud
Again, this says a lot about a person. Will they bring The Witches? Lolita? The 120 Days Of Sodom? I can barely stand the suspense…

Mix CD trade
Are mix CDs antiquated? Maybe you could just make one another a playlist on your iPod or something… Either way, sharing & discussing music is one of the world’s great, little-known aphrodisiacs. Truth. (Unless all they listen to is Richard Marx. Damn.)

Do something neither of you have done before
Pottery class? Swing dancing lessons? Hire a moped & drive out into the country? Who knows, but it’s nice to share an experience that is new to both of you!

Random restaurant date
Flip open the yellow pages to ‘R’ for ‘Restaurants’, close your eyes & pick a place to eat at. Just like the mystery band date, you never know how it’ll go — it could be a hidden treasure or a total health hazard, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?!

Hot air ballooning
Not the cheapest date idea, I’ll admit, but certain to score you points & to impress your lover-to-be. Maybe if you’re dating an heiress?

Decorate a Christmas tree together
Yes, this one is seasonal, but think how fun it would be! It’ll cheer up your (or their) apartment, give you a visual reminder of them (assuming the date goes well), & maybe you could even go ice-skating afterwards. Cute ++.

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