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Ignorance and Obnoxiosity.

I hate my Brit Lit class.

Not because of my teacher – I actually really like him.

Not because of the assignments – I’ll admit, there’s a lot of homework, but it’s managable.

Because of the other students.

They all take everything personally- differentiating interpretations of poetry, when you use a word they don’t know, when you answer a question when they knew the answer, too, but the teacher picked your hand first. It’s terrible.

And here’s the thing. Continue reading

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Homework? Blech.

So on Friday, I had an AP History test and that was it for that class.  The reading assignment was on the board, for the textbook.  But my friend Alex asked me about the other assignment and I was like crrraaaaappp. What??  Well, nothing was said to me by either of my teachers for that class about additional homework. Apparently, there was an extra packet we were supposed to pick up after the test thatIwasnevertoldabout. Pah. 

Anyway, so Alex was helping me out and he emailed me the packet and the question you have to respond to and blahblahblah.  However, I was rather amused by his consideration to provide me with such details:

It is 5 pages and a lot of words long. The response is suppose to be a paragraph to a page long. That page is supposed to be on lined paper, but it could also be on print paper, notebook paper, in a notebook, on semi-lined paper, and many forms of paper. And possibly wood. I do not think cutting it into your arm or other body parts will work, but you can ask.

That just might have made doing the assignment worth it.

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