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Your definition of Cheating?

[this is something I wrote during school this past year that I meant to post but never did.]

Today in government we discussed a newspaper headline that claimed that the internet helped cheating. My teacher proposed a scenario of a married man in internet chatrooms, hitting up girls and saying “Hey, baby, I think you’re sexy, I wish I could see you.” Is he cheating?

Immediately, without really thinking about it, the word “yes” pushed through my lips.

There was a pause in which I realized that absolutely no one else had answered. I was the only one that said anything, so of course, my teacher continued to ask me questions. He asked for my definition of cheating. I responded by saying that cheating is if you lust after some one other than who you are committed to and act in any way, shape, or form on that temptation.  My teacher repeated that back to me and one of the guys said “What? No! Cheating is the actual physical act…”

I repeated my answer: “Okay, yes, there will be times that you’re going to lust after some one else, that’s a natural temptation. Cheating is when you act on it — if you do anything other than resist it.”

That’s my belief. …But is that what guys think nowadays? That they can fantasize about a porn star, sex-talk with any QTbaybieblodeXXX that pops up in a chatroom, do anything but actually sleep with another woman and we won’t be hurt and it’s not cheating because we’re still the only person they’re sleeping/having physical sexual conduct with?

Has society depleated commitment to only a physicial restraint?

To me, commitment is a whole package; it’s a commitment of your mind, your heart, your body, and a love enough to resist a sexual temptation.

If most men out there think that cheating is only done with your body, then my selection of Potential Suitors just got narrowed down.

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A very interesting start to what’s bound to be a very interesting new term.

So my first term started last Friday.   First off, let me explain the situation: Exams for third term wre Wednesday and Thursday, we had the first day of the new term Friday, and now we have Spring Break until Monday.  So naturally, half the school skipped on Friday.

I, unfortunately, was not one of those people.

My first hour, choir, didn’t change. Except we got a new song.  And it’s totally strange.  To start, it’s named “Las Amarillas.”  The Yellows? Here are the lyrics.  The song’s originally in Spanish, but this is a translation:

The yellow larks fly from their cactuses
No longer will the cardinals sing happily
and na-na-no

The trees on the hillside, since they haven’t revived
For this the larks sing, or the nest hold them down
and na-na-no

You are little and beautiful, and the way you are, I love you
You look like a little rose from the shores of Guerrero
with your na-na-na
and na-na-no

My father was a sparrowhawk and I was born to peck and peck
Where I place my beak, I’m like a trumpeter
and na-na-no

Everyone has their farewells, but none
is like this one. 

Four times five is twenty,
three times seven is twenty-one.

Yeah, you read that right.  Multiplication!  The last verse is multiplication tables!!  Oh, I don’t understand, either.  And you know how directors sometimes have notes along with the song to tell you how each bit is meant to be sung? Continue reading

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Till now, I’ve avoided blogging about politics, but here I go.

Congress just spent 800 billion dollars. How much is that? If you spent 1 million dollars every day since Jesus’s death, you wouldn’t have reached that. 1 million dollars a day for 2,000 years, and you still wouldn’t have spent as much as Congress just did. And what do you get in return? Virtually $13 a week, and economists say the stimulus plan will hurt the economy in the long run than if we just let things play out.

You know, when Obama talks about past economies, he never mentions that the recession in the 1980’s was worse than the one we’re in now. And he probably avoids bringing it up because we got out of that recession with tax cuts.

You know, as much as I’d still disagree with it, the bill would be more effective if it didn’t have so much pork in it. For example, in that bill is 30 something million or billion dollars to save some species of swamp mouse. Lots more, but my personal favorite is the 38 billion dollars to promote “urban electric vehicles.” AKA, golf carts.

I know, I know. I’m complaining but I haven’t offered any better solution. But how about this: Why don’t we just suspend taxes for a couple months? Not sales tax, but the other stuff. That would instantly put thousands of dollars of people’s own money (that they know how to best spend, themselves) back into their own pockets. It would require no expansion of government and it would be effective immediately. Even just suspending income tax! So Congress and all them would still get paid.

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