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A penny for you to keep your thoughts to yourself?

Today, I encountered one of the stupidest, most ridiculous examples of teenage selfishness and drama that I’ve ever seen.

I was sitting in the gymnasium’s floor, watching a video on my iPod. A quarter falls next to my leg and I pick it up and put it in my purse.  I looked up to see a boy standing on the track above me, leaning over the railing, glaring at me.  I returned my attention to my iPod and then feet arrive in my line of vision.  I paused my movie and looked at the kid. His hand was outstretched down towards me, and he was still glaring.
          “I want my quarter back!”  He said.
          “You went to the trouble of coming all the way down here for 25 cents?”
          “Give me my quarter back! Now!”   
          “Are you serious? What are you gonna get with it, a gumball?”
 …And he proceeded to call me all sorts of (un)flattering kinds of names and  making a show about it.

It really wasn’t worth the huge ordeal that he was making it, so I dug out my coinpurse to return his measly $.25.  While doing so, my mind was racing through ideas of how I could totally own him, like handing him a nickel or something instead.  Now that I think about it, I should have given him 25 cents in nickels and dimes. But I didn’t.

I gave him two quarters.

I gave him two?

I don’t know why, but I gave him back twice as much as he asked for. I handed the quarters to him and returned to my video. In my peripheral, I saw him turn angrily and then quickly stop to look at his hand. For a moment, I wondered if he might actually say something about it.    But of course, he didn’t.


The type to make that big of a deal about some one returning his own quarter wouldn’t bother to even think about returning some one else’s.

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As I predicted, an interesting first week of term #4…

So on Tuesday, this kids walks into the gymn for PE.  Mr. Ford, my teacher, wasn’t in there yet.  So the kid walks up to me with a friend and says “Are you the gymn teacher?” 


I smiled and said, “Yes. I’m the gymn teacher.”
        “What are we doing today?”
        “We’ll talk about that later but right now you’re going to get on the floor and give me 50 push ups.”

Horrified, he looked at his friend. I smirked and said, “I’m SIXTEEN.” And walked away. He was stunned.  But I guess he got over his embarrassment and now he always calls me “teach.” 

I don’t think he has any idea what my real name is.

Also, rehearsals this week have been interesting.  One of my lines is “Liesl, will you give us a do?”  But I was thinking of the do and I ended up saying, “Diesel, will you give us a lo?”   Better yet, my director’s name is Mrs. Lowe.  So yeah.


In other news, Peter DeWolfe is amazing.

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A very interesting start to what’s bound to be a very interesting new term.

So my first term started last Friday.   First off, let me explain the situation: Exams for third term wre Wednesday and Thursday, we had the first day of the new term Friday, and now we have Spring Break until Monday.  So naturally, half the school skipped on Friday.

I, unfortunately, was not one of those people.

My first hour, choir, didn’t change. Except we got a new song.  And it’s totally strange.  To start, it’s named “Las Amarillas.”  The Yellows? Here are the lyrics.  The song’s originally in Spanish, but this is a translation:

The yellow larks fly from their cactuses
No longer will the cardinals sing happily
and na-na-no

The trees on the hillside, since they haven’t revived
For this the larks sing, or the nest hold them down
and na-na-no

You are little and beautiful, and the way you are, I love you
You look like a little rose from the shores of Guerrero
with your na-na-na
and na-na-no

My father was a sparrowhawk and I was born to peck and peck
Where I place my beak, I’m like a trumpeter
and na-na-no

Everyone has their farewells, but none
is like this one. 

Four times five is twenty,
three times seven is twenty-one.

Yeah, you read that right.  Multiplication!  The last verse is multiplication tables!!  Oh, I don’t understand, either.  And you know how directors sometimes have notes along with the song to tell you how each bit is meant to be sung? Continue reading

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